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Our goal is to help you understand and learn about the home-buying process. For this reason we strive to provide you with up to date information, as well as making ourselves available for questions at all times. Feel free to read through the provided articles and gain further insight into your home property-buying experience.


What to Expect From the Housing Market in Summer 2021

US News​

Devon Thorsby, 4.8.21

The U.S. entered 2021 with pandemic fatigue, though it hadn't – and still hasn't – slowed down homebuyer activity. The first months of the year have seen rapid growth in home prices as low inventory of houses on the market combined with high buyer demand creates fierce competition in suburban areas and medium-to-small metro areas across the country.


Is now a good time to buy a house? What home buyers in 2021 should know.

The Mortgage Reports

Casey Morris, 2.10.21

There’s never been a home buying market like this one. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made 2021 a singular time to become a homeowner if that’s one of your goals this year. Mortgage rates are still near record lows, and work-from-home policies mean buyers have more flexibility... 


How a mortgage broker can save you time and money


Libby Wells, 2.3.21

Buying a home is the biggest purchase most people will ever make. It can be the most nerve-wracking, too, because getting a mortgage and closing the loan can be a long, complicated process. A mortgage broker can take the stress out of the mortgage process. From finding the best interest rate and lowest fees, to completing the application and closing the loan on time, a mortgage broker is well-versed in the whole process. Working with a mortgage broker to navigate today’s market can be a wise move, especially for a first-time homebuyer.


Mortgage Industry Outlook for 2021: Rates, Volume, Trends & More

Home Buying Institute

Brandon Cornett, 1.4.21

Mortgage industry outlooks for 2021 suggest that rates could remain low for the foreseeable future. Though they could creep upward as we move further into 2021. Industry forecasters also predict that home loan origination volume will decline this year, compared to 2020. That’s mainly due to an expected slowdown on the refinancing side.



United Wholesale Mortgage

UWM has been the #1 wholesale lender in the country for six consecutive years now — and with 20% market share and counting, it’s a title we intend to keep for many years to come. Because even after 35 years of exponential growth, we continue to expand our operations at an unprecedented pace as we follow a long-term plan developed to keep us ahead of the curve and strategically prepared to take full advantage of any future ebbs and flows of the mortgage industry.

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